Kanae Fukahara Sculpture


This website introduces my sculpture pieces and carving experience, and shares my experience and thought of my everyday life by writing.

Kinae Photo 1 Born and raised in Japan, I was always attracted by western/American things. The Disney castle and princess stories over Japanese traditional children’s stories, bed and carpeted floors over futon and tatami mats, bread and clam chowder over sushi and miso soup, Labrador over Shiba, leather suits over kimono, western music over Japanese music, and I even liked the English alphabet over Japanese letters....

    I had many opportunities to visit the US and European countries for business and pleasure, and I loved the things in the US more and more. The abundant beautiful land, stunning great nature, huge sandwiches, an air of freedom and driving on freeways to any place, friendly, social and beamish people, casual manners and smiles, large yards and walk-in closets... I visited my friends there every year, sometimes twice a year using all my holidays to feel, breathe, and enjoy the US.

Now I am living in the US with an American husband. I am discovering new differences between the US and Japan and now even more in everyday life which I couldn’t experience as a visitor. At the same time I am aquiring other viewpoints of Japan, the US, and life in general. Often there are many ways in which to see things, originally I thought I was comfortable with only one. Discovery and a new way of seeing things are making my life more colorful, interesting, and happier.

    I started to see the Japanese things which were banal and ordinary for me, in new ways through American people’s eyes. I also believe that how I observe and think about the things of the US may make American people re-think their beliefs or sometimes be surprised by a different point of view. This is what makes me want to share my experiences and thoughts with other people.

Some years ago I carved a thin leaf shaped sculpture (”Gift From Nature”) and it was featured on the cover page of the Marble Sculpture Symposium leaflet. A couple of young sculptors told me they learned from my piece that they can carve marble pretty thin. One of them carved a large angel wing and made the marble stone thin and beautiful. I was very happy that my sculpture gave a little hint to other people. I learned not only perfect and professional sculptures could influence and inspire other people. We all are connected clearly or sometimes in unexpected ways and we often influence each other in an invisible way. How exciting....!