Kanae Fukahara Sculpture


Dancing with the Universe

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Dancing with the Universe Sculpture A medieval lady with a hennin hat walking and dancing elegantly and lightly...
She emanates a energy of confidence and love with fortitude.
She is calm and peaceful, gentle and pleasant.
Yet she might be facing making a difficult decision, or in the
midst of continuous challenges.
She knows everything will be unfolded fine.
She is dancing with the Universe.

"Dancing with the Universe"
I want to be like her. So elegant, so calm, so plesant, yet so
confidnet and so strong.
But sometimes I'm clumsy, I complaint, I am discouraged, I despair...
I make excuses: my shoes aren't good, the step is new to me,
I don't know this music, the tempo is so fast...
Still I know I need to dance and I want to dance with the Universe.

And I am dancing with the Universe, stumbling, tripping, making
mistakes... but I see I am getting better.
I am dancing with the Universe.

Dancing with the Universe Sculpture model I was excited when I made this maquette, as I really liked it. I measured the size and ordered a stone. It should have been a completely white Alabaster without any inclusion. Yet I saw some little inclusion at the very top when I started carving.

I wasn't happy with it and I flipped the design holizontally, so that the very top edge doesn't have an inclusion. ( So the maquette and the final piece are mirror reverse images.)

Then the inclusion started appearing at the concave part. Even though I had wished the stone was pure white, soon I admitted the inclusion makes a good accent and it became the special character of this piece. You can't controll everything, but the Universe leads you to something more wonderful and in tune.

When I started polishing the piece, my friend told me that he wanted to buy it. I said thank you, and from that moment it became his piece, and I felt a little nervous to finish up it.  Alabaster is a soft stone and easily scrached. I was very careful to polish it, using lots of water. He took it to his home in California. He makes furnitures, sculpts, paints, and writes. This piece must be so happy to be with such a fine artist with a very warm heart. I feel very good when I know who and what kind of person owns my piece. I put lots of time and energy, facing to the stone, touching it, watching it, polishing it. It is such an intimate relationship, I would say.

Though I call the piece "Dancing With The Universe", he liked the name "Cosmic Dance". I think it's a good name too, and now he is doing his Cosmic Dance for his arts, his new house, and his life. Cheers!