Kanae Fukahara Sculpture


Gift from Nature Sculpture

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Gift From Nature

                         I always feel that White Marble is telling me:
                             "I’m white...    I’m pretty...    I’m light..."

Maybe other people who are smart enough to know that a one cubic foot of stone weighs about 170 lbs. ignore those voices! But I like to be deceived by her messages. Yes, she is white and very pretty. And I wanted her look to be gentle, tranquil, and lighthearted. She agreed with me and she even became light enough for me to carry, while two macho guys couldn't pick up the original stone.

At the curling stem part, silver veins appeared, and they added a pleasant charactor to the piece. In most cases, it is difficult to plan it exactly, and this was a happy surprise. However carving across the veins was harder and needed careful attention.

The leaf is laying down comfortably relaxing, almost it looks as if it could float on a lake surface. Yes, she is white, she is light, and she is very pretty. She is a beautiful gift from nature. Marble stone is also a gift from our Earth.

I love nature. Large trees, grand nature... they make my heart soar. When I first read about "the 7th Generation Principle" by Native American, it was an entirely new concept for me and I was impressed but also a little puzzled. In this fast moving and changing era, it sounded unrealistic.

"In every decison in personal, govemmental or corporate, we must consider how it will affect our descendents seven generations into the future" The first thing I can think of around me is sustainability about resorces, foods, and materials. Yet it feels very difficult for me to think of something considering the affect to the 7th generaton from now.

I went out to my back yard. The warm sunshine, the gentle breeze, and one white iris in the middle of winter uplifted my mind and mood. All right. It seems that the first thing we can do is to have gratitude and respect toward nature around us, and cultivate our happy heart. Eventually the heart will radiate love for our family, friends, neighbors, the people some thousands miles away, and future generations, hopefully. I guess the importance is to be grateful and to have an intention of love toward all creatures and our planet.

Gift From Nature in Progress

In the process of stone carving, eliminating unnecessary parts often takes lots of effort and patience. During this process, the stone looks disarstrous. This happens in most of the stone carving processes, especially when lots of stone has to be removed. When the shape starts to be formed, another worry... will I be able to make the lines which won't waste this beautiful stone.... and be able to educe the beauty from her... Worry will continue, but the tension makes the process interesting and fun.

This piece is the one I displyed in a Gallery for my first time. Late afternoon on the opening day, I arrived at the Gallery. Somebody told me that my piece has been sold. It was still there, but it wasn't mine anymore. That's it? Even the opening event hasn't started yet. The friends around me said "congratulations!", and I was happy. But I felt loneliness at the same time. "Oh no, I won't see you anymore, forever..." I heard that a travelling couple bought it. I hoped the piece would look good in there house and it brings them good energy and happiness.