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I have had a set of “built-in ways” of how to see the world and how to judge it.  Just like most everyone, it was installed by my parents, my school education, the society I belonged to, and the information and the people around me. Ultimately I created and installed a set of values by myself based on the ones taught to me.

But when I look at the things around me from a little different view point, my everyday life becomes so different. I feel excitement, peace, fun, abundance and more appreciation. It takes effort to switch on my awareness, and often I need to do it over and over. I try to look at the beauty hidden in things, and the beauty which people and events have. Maybe nothing is hidden, it seems to be just a focus issue.

I would like to write about culture, custom, sculpture, music and art, also about my favorite things and the things I think beautiful. I would like to share what I have learned and what I am learning. I hope something will resonate with your heart, something could give you a tiny new insight, and after all I could pour a piece of good energy to you.

Mail Box

Posted: 2018-01-03

line of mail boxes

When I was travelling the country side in US, I sometimes found dozens of mail boxes lining and standing by the road.  A smile came to my face and I stopped my car.  I took photos of the scenery of the peaceful country with the mail boxes.  To me, one of the things which define the US is its mail box.  A Japanaese mail box is usually attached to the gate pillar of each house.  Apartments have modern square boxes which you need a key to open just like some mail boxes in US.

I think the shape and the size of the US mail box is functional and practical.   Moreover, the shape, and the way it is standing is somehow very cute and attractive.

I looked into the internet and found out it's called "Rural mail box" and it says tunnel shape.

Japan is a very safe country.  Some research shows it is the 3rd safest country in the world.

There are vending machine of beers and sake, and tobacco etc., just like for Coke.  It's pretty safe to walk outside alone at night.  Carrying and owning guns is illegal, and we seldom hear about gun shooting.  If we do, it is by police or mafia fighting.

Yet our mailbox is closed to the outside.  The mail person can put mail into it, but nobody can take it out from outside unless they break it.

So it's a bit strange for me that the mail box in this country is so open to the outside.  Most of the free standing houses have alarm and protection system for the house itself, but not for the mail box.

Later I learned only the US mail person is allowed to touch to the mail box and stealing mail is a pretty heavy crime.  It surely makes it safer, though I think still there might be some crimes.

Another interesting thing is that you can put outbound mail in your mail box and put the little flag up, then a mail person takes it and processes delivery.   In Japan you have to put your mail into a standing post, or take to a post office.  How neat that they also collect the outbound mails, by watching the little flag!

I love those tunnel shape boxes on skinny legs lining by road side in the large field.  There's something about them which makes my heart relax and smile.    In this high-tech era, I think it is important to keep those analogue and simple systems, especially for a health of our minds. 

I love it. : )

chicken maibox






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